2 Tips for Reinforcing Your Teen's Identity

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One of the biggest challenges your teens will face is the discovery of who they are. What they decide will determine a number of other choices they make about their lives. To help, here are a couple of pieces of advice that other parents offer. 

His Worth

To combat your teen's inferiority, remind him: He is valuable to God. The Bible says your teen is wonderfully made and that God knows the number of hairs on his head. God is interested in every aspect of your child's life and available to listen to his needs.

He has gifts and talents. God has given him a unique set of gifts and talents that are suited for his personality. Encourage him in his God-given abilities.

He shouldn't be overly critical of himself. Encourage your teen to stop dwelling on past mistakes, embarrassing moments and failures.

Others sometimes feel inferior, too. If your teen reaches out to peers, he will discover that many of them share similar feelings, and he will become less self-focused.

—Candy Arrington

Your Teen's Self-Esteem

Teens often wrestle with insecurity, self-doubt and peer pressure, not to mention the constant bombardment of media images and false ideals. As teens struggle to answer "Who am I?" you have the opportunity to ground their self-esteem in Christ through verbal affirmation that is rooted in the truth of God's Word.

Watch for opportunities to encourage teens. Thank them when you catch them doing something right. Praise them for using a particular God-given skill or trait. Seek ways to remind your teens of how uniquely God has created them and how they are precious in His sight.

—Jeremy V. Jones

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