Evangelicals for Life 2017: The Pro-Life Community is Needed Now More Than Ever

Our generation has opportunity like never before to be light in a dark, uncertain time in history. Countless human lives are at risk from abortion, abuse, preventable disease, orphan status, terrorism, human trafficking, malnourishment and refugee status — but we can help bring life and light, through both prayer and action.

While human life has been devalued throughout world history, we have the ability through technology to advance the dignity of all human life like never before. The image of an unborn child or a Syrian toddler washed up on shore can travel to the farthest corners of earth by way of social media and the internet.

The upcoming Evangelicals for Life conference, taking place January 26-28, 2017, in Washington, D.C., will address the defense of all human life, with speakers like Russell Moore, Jim Daly, Matt Chandler, Al Mohler, Sammy Rodriguez and so many more. 

I’m excited to be there, because I see sparks of light from some unlikely places. This new generation of millennials cares deeply about human rights and social justice, both globally and here in the United States. And this is good news for the entire pro-life cause, particularly for those who’ve worked for decades to save unborn babies.

The new generation includes Christians and non-Christians alike, young people who’ve grown up with breathtaking technological advances. These young adults have seen 3-D and even 4-D pictures of their little brothers and sisters in the womb. They don’t buy into the lies of the abortion industry. They see fetal surgery on the internet, they understand the science of human development in the womb — and they are pro-life in increasing numbers. This is incredible news.

On the abortion front, a poll conducted by the Barna Group (for the Institute for Pro-life Advancement) found that 53 percent of millennials agree that the practice should be made illegal in all or most circumstances. And a 2010 Gallup poll titled “The New Normal on Abortion: Americans More ‘Pro-Life’ ” found that “support for making abortion broadly illegal was growing fastest among young adults” (as noted by Dr. Charles Camosy in USA Today, March 23, 2015). A 2012 PRRI study revealed that only 37 percent of millennials considered abortion morally acceptable.

Data clearly show that millennials care deeply about social justice and human rights, and act with a contagious zeal. They may not look like their parents, talk like their parents or act like their parents, but seasoned evangelicals can learn from their courage and passion. It’s our job to earn their trust and help them make the connection between the justice issues they care deeply about and the dignity and sanctity of every human life. Life and justice go hand in hand.

So, no matter your age or experience in the pro-life movement, please join us in Washington, D.C., or plan to simulcast the event at your church. Learn how to reach this new generation of young people, and get equipped to be a compassionate and compelling voice for life.

Whether it’s unborn babies or refugees, children dying from malaria or trafficked overseas, or even the elderly living in an assisted living facility in your own community, Jesus views them all with the same eyes of compassion. He longs to see each receive justice and healing, and to experience a love that knows no bounds. Be a voice for these individuals as God calls you to act. Start your pro-life journey on January 26 in Washington, D.C.

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Kelly Rosati is vice president of Community Outreach at Focus on the Family.
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