Special Needs

Focus on the Family Broadcast


Dealing with a Disability in Marriage

Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada tell their story of a blessed marriage despite the challenges of physical disability and inspire couples facing the same trials to strive for a deeper love.

Illustration of woman feeding a bottle to a baby at night


Parenting and Special Needs: Why Me?

Ellen Stumbo

God doesn’t give special children to special parents. He gives them to ordinary ones.

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Young child hugging an elder


God’s Story of Disability: The Unfolding Plan from Genesis to Revelation

For years, Joni Eareckson Tada has served as a strong advocate for those with disabilities.

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Including Persons with Autism In the Life of the Church

Jackie Mills-Fernald and Jim Pierson

People with Autism are a part of the disability classification that need inclusion. What does the church need to do to include these wonderful people with ASD?

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Living With Alzheimer’s Disease

Reginald Finger

Family caregivers need support from friends, neighbors and for the patient and for themselves.

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