Watch a Young Man with Down Syndrome Bring a Smile to Every Sports Fan He Greets

Trevor Hendershot greeting fans outside the Los Angeles Angels team store
Trevor Hendershot greeting fans outside the Los Angeles Angels team store
(Image courtesy of Angels for Higher)

broadcast icon Listen to Trevor's dad, Robert Hendershot, talk about how individuals with Down syndrome have an impact on the world. Shining a Positive Light on Down Syndrome.

Sometimes his hands and knuckles get sore from all the fist bumps and high fives, but Trevor Hendershot doesn’t mind. Not one bit.

Since 2012, Trevor has worked as a greeter outside the team store of the National Hockey League’s Anaheim Ducks. Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels hired him in 2013, and Trevor recently added greeter positions with the LA Rams and USC Trojans to his resume.

“At first they were somewhat reluctant due to the rowdier crowds at football games, but Trevor has done great,” says his father, Robert.

Trevor has Down syndrome, along with a ready smile and boundless energy. Devoted sports fans go out of their way to say hello to him at games, and Trevor greets many stadium regulars by name. Even the team players know him, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

“Trevor’s my ambassador,” says Angels Chairman Dennis Kuhl. “He brings a new energy to the stadium.”

Thanks to Trevor’s positive impact on LA’s sports teams, Robert Hendershot is working to duplicate the experience at other stadiums around the country. He formed the organization Angels for Higher to promote hiring other individuals with Down syndrome as greeters at sports venues across the country and around the world

Looking to expand beyond Southern California, Robert and Trevor have already delivered successful presentations at stadiums and ballparks in the Midwest, and are in discussions with potential team partners as far east as New York City.

“As everyone knows, New York has recently become the epicenter in the fight against abortion," Robert says. "I know greeters with Down syndrome would soften the heart of the most callous pro-choice advocate – I’ve seen it happen with the thousands of sport fans Trevor’s interacted with over the years.

"Our vision is to 'Transform the pro-life, special needs culture of the world … one sports stadium at a time.’ I can’t think of a better place to make a pro-life stand than in sports venues.”

Robert says Trevor has found added meaning in life through his various stadium jobs. Instead of spending most of his time at home watching TV, Robert says, Trevor has become known, admired and loved by thousands of sports fans, professional athletes and team executives.

“It’s the experience that’s so important when you come to a baseball game,” says the Angels' Dennis Kuhl. “We want people to have fun. He generates fun. He makes things fun.”

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