Unplanned Pregnancy and Mother’s Day

To the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, we celebrate you this Mother’s Day!

You are a mom, even if your baby is still growing in your womb and not yet being held in your arms. You have been entrusted with a most precious treasure, to develop within your body, to cuddle and love, and experience life with, along the way to your dreams. You are brave and brave moms raise brave kids!  You were chosen out of all the women in the world, hand-picked by God, to give this child you are carrying life!  Whether you choose to parent or place for adoption, God will be there with you every step of the way. He will never take his hand of protection, peace and comfort off of you.

When my daughter was little, she LOVED to be held. She would be perfectly content to stay in my arms all the time. When I would be skin-to-skin with her, she felt safe being on my chest and knew my breathing patterns after listening for many months in my womb. She knew the unique rhythm of my heartbeat, and it was soothing and familiar to her. She knew my scent and knew where to find her food source even with her eyes closed. Her favorite place to be was in my arms.

After getting her to sleep, I would have loved to have the luxury of just holding her all day, but that was just wishful thinking when I had a laundry pile staring at me all day.  I would often get up to lay her down once I felt like she was sound asleep, but as soon as there was a couple inches of separation between my chest and her body, she would wake up. Then we would have to start the whole process over again. It became quite an acrobatic performance to lay her down just right to make her feel like she was still being held.

I would wrap her up like a little burrito in a blanket, safely tucking her arms in.  I would hold her against my chest while gently and very slowly leaning over the crib closer to the mattress, my thumb over her pacifier so it wouldn’t fall out. I would keep touching her for a few more moments until I knew she was asleep either with my hand on her head or her chest, feeling her breathing in and out. And then, when I felt like she was in a deep sleep, I would gently pull my hand away.

This Mother’s Day, know that God has never taken His hand off of you. He loves you and sees you. He has equipped you with everything you need to be this baby’s mother. You are carrying a child in your womb that will someday change the world — and right now, to your child, you are their entire world. And soon, you will meet this life face-to-face that God chose you to steward and point in the way that they should go, and the values they will learn from you will be with them for life.

We only have to draw near to Him. He may have given you this baby to woo you back to His heart. When we look into the eyes of our child that we love so very much, taking in the sweetest face we’ve ever seen, and never feeling more love or joy toward a human so small in our whole life, we sometimes get little glimpses of how much God must love us. And he does love you SO very much.

You may be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions; shock, fear, shame, isolation … and then maybe a wave of hope and excitement for your baby every once in a while.  If things seem out of order and you can’t see beyond the nine months of pregnancy, God sees.

My friend Crissy once told me, “When our kids get upset, they tend to close their eyes tight and cry. Sometimes it’s hard to get them to regain composure and stop for a moment. We tell them, ‘Take a deep breath and look at me.’  Your Father in heaven says the same thing.”

Every question that you have about finances, a home, a job, childcare, the baby’s father, your future husband — God already has the answer. Just trust Him and lean on Him during this season. He has never given up on you. He is just waiting for you to look for Him. He is right there waiting.

This Mother’s Day, you have been given the most precious gift you will ever receive, the miracle of life.

Visit to find an Embrace Grace support group for women with unplanned pregnancies at a local church near you.

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