Thriving Student: What Your Child Needs for School Success

Welcome to Thriving Student, a brand new podcast series from Focus on the Family, designed to help parents give their children what they’ll need to thrive during this school year. Join John Fuller, Danny Huerta and featured guests as they cover a wide range of topics to make this school year successful in and out of the classroom.

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Episode 1: Your Child’s Emotional Health

School violence and bullying are tragically affecting many schools today. Join us as Dr. Kevin Leman and Nancy Rue address these topics, and how you can offer your child hope and emotional support in the midst of traumatic events.

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Episode 2: Learning Styles

Every child has different learning styles, and methods of completing their homework. Today, Dr. Kathy Koch and Cynthia Tobias discuss how to encourage your child’s learning style, and how doing so applies to getting homework completed.

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Episode 3: Social Environment at School

The social environment at school can be amazing, but it can also be complicated. Dr. Kathy Koch joins us to talk about how to not rely on technology for your social fulfillment, while Mary Flo Ridley explains how you can have healthy conversations with your children about sexuality.

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Episode 4: Physical Health

The school year is busy, and it can feel taxing physically. Join us as we hear from Dr. Paul Reisser and Dr. Arch Hart as they offer practical advice for how your children can take care of themselves during the busy school year.

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Episode 5: Spiritual Health

Many parents feel overwhelmed with the task of leading their kids spiritually. Today, Dr. Tony Evans, Erin MacPherson and Ellen Schuknecht explain how you can lead your child spiritually, and you can influence them to follow Christ in school.

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Resources From This Series

8 Great Smarts
Dr. Kathy Koch loves seeing children flourish and helping parents make it happen and it's never too late to start. Now is the time to help your child be all that God designed him or her to be.

The Way They Learn
Draw out the best in your children--by understanding the way they learn. If you're frustrated that your child isn't learning the way you did, chances are they are too In this practical resource, Cynthia Ulrich Tobias explains that understanding how you both learn can make all the difference.

Screens and Teens
Kathy's research, experience, and relatability all come together for an inspiring book, sure to help you be closer with your kids.

Raising Kingdom Kids
From the bestselling author of Kingdom Man and Kingdom Woman, Raising Kingdom Kids equips parents to raise their children with a Kingdom perspective and also offers practical how-to advice on providing spiritual training as instructed in Scripture.

Busy Mom's Guide to Family Nutrition (Digital)
Dr. Paul C. Reisser, MD puts the information you'll need right at your fingertips in his book, Busy Mom's Guide to Family Nutrition. Using a question-and-answer format, his book provides you with information on nutritional basics, the skinny on fats, interpreting food labels, exploring diet plans, and more.

When Your Kid Is Hurting
As parents, the impulse to protect our children is strong, but that very protection can end up handicapping them for life. Rather than seek to save them from the hard things, parents must teach their kids how to cope with and rise above their problems.