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I want to help my kids defend their faith!

The world today offers contempt and skepticism about the truths of Christianity. Do you worry that your kids will be influenced by it and develop doubts about their faith? What can you do to help them trust God and stand strong?

Raising Your Kids to Defend Their Faith” is a series of five short videos (each episode is 2 to 8 minutes in length), and was created to get you started in teaching your kids the fundamentals of Christianity, so they can understand it, explain it, and defend it.

Join Jim Daly as he talks with Natasha Crain, author of Talking With Your Kids About God, about crucial faith conversations she had with her three children.

This series contains five short episodes that cover the following topics:

Video #1: “The Importance of Apologetics”
Video #2: “Exposing Your Kids to Other Ideas”
Video #3: “Know Whose Voices You Are Listening To”
Video #4: “The Most Critical Question”
Video #5: “Some Closing Encouragement”

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