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See the beauty some are afraid for you to see... See Life 2020 is an online event that will expose the lies and pain of abortion and celebrate the miraculous wonder of life. Watch and Share the digital premiere that includes powerful pro-life stories of hope, compelling Christian commentary, and soul-stirring music. PLUS a 4D ultrasound of a baby, offering a window into the reality of life in the womb.

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Available On-Demand

Worldwide Digital Premiere

The beautiful movement to end abortion isn’t ours alone. We share it with compassionate voices who are speaking truth in love.

Join the movement and see the beauty some are afraid for you to see. #LoveEveryHeartbeat


Speakers & Artists

  • Jeanne Mancini – Host, March for Life
  • Ben Watson – Host, Athlete & Activist
  • Mike Singletary, NFL Great
  • Lila Rose, Live Action 
  • Alveda King, Civil Rights Leader
  • Candace Owens, Political Activist
  • Abby Johnson, Pro-life Activist
  • Melissa Ohden, Abortion Survivor
  • Christina Bennett, Family Institute
  • Jim Daly, Focus on the Family 
  • Greg Smalley, Focus on the Family
  • Phil Stacey, Recording Artist
  • Selah, Recording Artist
  • Phil King, Recording Artist
  • Danny Gokey, Recording Artist
  • Meredith Andrews, Recording Artist

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