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Host the SeeLife 24 Simulcast at Your Church on June 15th!



How Does it Apply to Me?

When we see life the way God sees it, we take action. On June 15 at SeeLife 24, Focus on the Family aims to activate communities to support local pregnancy centers.

We will experience engaging talks, heartfelt messages, and inspiring speakers. This event reminds us to value every life and be like Jesus by coming alongside pregnancy centers in your area.

With your support, we can make a real difference by connecting your congregation with the pregnancy center in your community, all in the name of championing life and showing compassion.

By coming together, we are bridging the gap between advocacy and tangible support, ensuring that every woman facing a challenging choice feels embraced, supported, and empowered in her journey and every member of our community knows how to get plugged in to their local pregnancy center.

Hosting Details & Benefits

Why Host the Simulcast?

Hosting the SeeLife 24 Simulcast can profoundly impact your congregation, inspiring a deeper commitment to seeing life the way God sees it within your community.

SeeLife 24 fosters deeper connections within the local community by rallying congregants and community members.

This will equip the families in your congregation to engage with their pro-life values through free, Focus on the Family resources.

Through SeeLife 24, you’ll encourage a sense of purpose and fulfillment by translating beliefs into actionable steps, empowering your congregation to live out their faith.

Our speakers will inspire your communities with engaging content on Seeing Life the Way God Sees Life.

This will move discussions surrounding valuing life from theoretical to practical, real-world actions with visible impact.

SeeLife 24 enhances the church’s visibility and reputation within the community by aligning with community wellbeing and values.

You’ll strengthen your church’s network of support by connecting with pregnancy centers focused on life-affirming initiatives.

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