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Child abuse prevention isn't just for social services. People from all kinds of professions with a role to play in the community—professors, pastors, doctors and directors—are joining TAALK's mission.

  • "Diane's 'Best Practices' are incredible and empowering.  I introduce and discuss them in just about every university course I teach. [Students] literally leave with a new set of eyes and action plan.  They are shocked and scared and yet also empowered to become part of the solution. The only way we will move beyond the taboo and stop enabling predators to get our children and teens is by shining a light and talking about it" ~ Dallas Stout, professor, California State University, Fullerton
  • "The church should lead the way. It is clear in Scripture how much Jesus cared about and protected children; if we are his eyes, ears, and voice, we need to show the world what He would do. There are more churches than schools, hospitals, and community organizations put together in most communities. If the mindset, knowledge, and practices outlined by Diane and TAALK were to become the culture of how we relate to and serve our youth, I'm convinced it would not only give great glory and honor to God, but would show the world how to protect its most precious asset: children." ~ Cheryl Klem, director of staff, Mountain View Church, San Juan Capistrano
  • "I have witnessed my own colleagues being afraid to report abuse of children in schools.  In Wieder vs. San Diego Unified, a case of a high school teacher sexually abusing his student for three years, court documents reveal that staff had knowledge of the nature of the abuse but failed to report it.  This is common and 8 Ways would work to demystify red flags and boundary breaking behaviors, making it a matter of policy and not personal interpretation." ~Judith Neufeld-Fernandez, former public school teacher
  • "The horrible realities that Diane brings to the forefront could bring many of us to despondency, were it not for the fact that her goal is to empower people and churches to 'Create the Fate' of our children. Thanks to Diane, our two churches and our church families are on the alert, but more than that, are enabled to make practical choices that help safeguard the innocence of children." ~Steve Houston, lead pastor, San Diego Christian Fellowship

Originally published in the August 2015 issue of Citizen magazine.

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