Homosexual Curriculum: One Mom's Story

It all started when Tammy Schulz received an invitation to a "Welcoming Schools" presentation at her local elementary school. Billed as a way to address bullying, the program was introduced by the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance (ISSA), which has strong ties to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network — a national homosexual activist group dedicated to promoting homosexuality to public school students, beginning as young as kindergarten.

Schultz was concerned about what she read in the presentation invitation. At a neighborhood Bible study, she discovered two other moms that shared her concerns. The women started asking questions about the program and to their dismay, they found that an ISSA-led teacher training had already taken place at their elementary school and had centered almost entirely on homosexuality. Even more disturbing was the discovery of a document listing "perceived obstacles" to the program, including "family values" and "faith systems." 

"It's a political agenda being shoved into my school," Schulz said, "to normalize homosexuality. … I have the right to pass on my faith and my values to my children. … It's as if the school is trying to 'correct' a value that our family holds. What business is it of theirs to try and change my family values?"

The bias Schulz and other parents encountered is increasingly common as homosexual-themed "safe schools" initiatives are introduced in public schools across the country.

Too often, when these programs are pushed by homosexual activist groups, they cross the line from legitimate efforts to protect students from bullying into promotion of homosexuality and gender confusion — and even flat out indoctrination.

In this case, the concerned parents took their case to the school board. Ultimately, school officials implemented parental notification and "opt-out" policies for classroom or library content dealing with these controversial themes.