Is Your School Respecting Your Family’s Values?

Well, it's finally happened. Your kids have reached the age when sex education is taught in their health classes. But you're feeling a little anxious: Will the school respect the values you're teaching at home — as well as the emotional and developmental sensitivities of your child?

Sadly, some families have found reason for concern — parents in the Houston area discovered their schools were planning to use graphic, age-inappropriate materials to introduce kids to all manners of sexual experimentation.

If you're concerned about how your child's teachers will handle these topics, it's best to be proactive. You can do your homework by perusing your school's or school district's official website for topics related to sexuality, drugs and other issues you are concerned about.

It's also a good idea to search the school's online library catalog, if one is available, since libraries generally reflect and support the school's curriculum and are often used by teachers to supplement classroom instruction. If disturbing materials start appearing, it could be a sign to start asking questions.

If you do decide to talk to the school, here are some do's and don'ts for approaching teachers and administrators: Read more

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