Religious Liberties

What do I do when my religious liberties and parental rights are threatened by my child's public school?

Have you ever wondered how same-sex marriage will impact our culture?  Or even you and your family personally?  Your child's school could become the first place you experience some of the effects of the legalization of same-sex marriage – and it could impact your religious liberties and parental rights.

How is that possible?  When marriage is redefined (whether by a vote of the legislature or by a court mandating the change), same-sex marriage becomes the law of state and something all in-state levels of government must accommodate and promote as equal to marriage between a man and a woman.  While that might not sound so bad on the surface, that means your child's public school could become a place where same-sex marriage is taught – regardless of your values or beliefs, or whether you want your child to be learning about the topic at all.

If you wonder if this could ever happen in the real world, read Same-sex Fairy Tales: Coming to a School Near You about what a family in Massachusetts – the first state to legalize same-sex marriage – experienced in 2006. 

What you need to know

Redefining marriage will impact many rights and aspects of our lives that we might take for granted:

  • Redefining marriage will interfere with parents' rights to teach their children that women and men are different, and that both are necessary for marriage and for children.  Based on recent events, state law and public school education will undermine these ideas as old-fashioned and narrow-minded.
  • Redefining marriage in law means that religious freedoms are threatened because the state must promote and uphold the new definition of marriage. Just like Robb and Robin Wirthlin (see “Same-sex Fairy Tales: Coming to a School Near You”), parents will lose the right to disagree with the school, or to even “opt-out” their children from classes when the curriculum includes sexual, marriage and family themes that conflict with their family's beliefs and values.