Teens Speaking Up For God's Truth

In today's culture — and especially in educational settings — students are encountering a flood of confusing messages about homosexuality, gender identity, same-sex marriage and the redefinition of family. 

Even if they aren't hearing about these topics in their schools, they're often hearing about them from media sources or their favorite movie, music and sports stars.

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That said:

How can Christian students speak God's truth into these issues in a redemptive way?

How do they do this compassionately — in a way that recognizes the tragic, real-life bullying scenarios that do happen and the wounding people experience?

How do they speak the truth in love, but also in a way that doesn’t compromise the truth of the Gospel and the religious freedoms and free speech rights of other students?

The needs of students and families trying to wrestle with the answers to those questions, especially in education settings, was one of the primary influences behind the creation of the student-led, annual initiative, the Day of Dialogue®, and its corresponding student-focused website, DayOfDialogue.com.


Learn more about the Day of Dialogue here, as well and its guiding principles.