Abstinence Education: Our Position

Focus on the Family supports abstinence-until-marriage education in the public schools because it is God's expected standard as communicated in Scripture. God's perfect plan for sexuality unfolds as an exclusive blessing for husband and wife in marriage and also ensures protection for the unmarried. Sexuality is a glorious gift from God meant to honor Him either in marriage or in celibacy.

It is the hope of this ministry to support children and families to live as fully as God intended for His purposes and His glory. Supporting behaviors that may result in threatening life-long consequences contradicts God's plan for life, marriage and family.

Because we support God's perfect plan, Focus on the Family does not support the teaching of risk-reduction (contraceptives) of sexual behaviors in schools. Rather, we recognize youth must understand that contraceptive devices and drugs provide very limited protection; therefore, abstinence programs must teach medically and factually accurate information about what contraceptives can and can not do.

Abstinence education provides one tool to defend God's design for marriage and sexual intimacy in the face of teenage sexual activity. As previously stated, abstinence-until-marriage education supports Christian orthodoxy but is not taught in a Christian context in the public school system.

We recognize that parents are the primary sex educators of their children. Topics that parents teach in their home are their personal prerogative. They may choose to add or clarify information taught to their children in school programs. Parents have the privilege and responsibility of being life-long sexuality educators to their children, a task that begins as soon as they hold their child for the first time and continues until the time of their natural death.

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