Adoption: Our Position

We at Focus on the Family believe that the family is a God-ordained institution and that all children deserve to grow up in a family. We also acknowledge a biblical responsibility to care for orphans and recognize adoption as an important component of this task. Human adoption ultimately serves as a powerful reflection of God's work in adopting us as children. For these reasons, we believe that adoption is a positive option to promote the well-being of birthparents, adoptive children and adoptive families.

We also believe that adoption is meant to serve the best interest of children, providing a loving mother and father to children who need them. Research repeatedly shows that children fare best in every measure when raised by a married mom and dad. Proper child development requires that children have daily access to the different and complementary ways that mothers and fathers parent. Therefore, in order to produce the best outcomes for children, we believe that preference in adoption placements should ideally be given to married, mother-father households.

Recognizing the importance of both mothers and fathers to children's development, we support laws that prevent adoption by cohabiting couples—including homosexual partners. We also support freedom of conscience laws, which ensure that adoption agencies can refuse to engage in adoption placements that violate their moral and religious beliefs. Such measures will help protect the best interest of children waiting for adoption by ensuring that they receive the mother and father homes they so desperately need.