Pornography: Our Position

We believe that pornography is highly addictive and destructive material that harms individuals, families and society. There is overwhelming medical, scientific and sociological evidence detailing the destructive nature of pornography. There is no credible justification or rationalization for allowing the continued proliferation and existence of pornographic content in a decent and caring society. As more and more young people are exposed to pornography at younger ages, we will continue to see a tidal wave of sexual brokenness crashing across our culture. For the health and safety of our nation, we must continue to work toward stemming the tide of this harmful content. Learn more about the destructive nature of pornography.

We support parents' efforts to protect their children from pornography. Parents have the primary responsibility for the care and protection of their children. We support intentional and sustained efforts to communicate the dangers of sexualized media to parents and equip them to defend their families from such harms. Although technology can be a powerful tool to aid parents in this regard, nothing can replace the wisdom and example parents provide their children when directly communicating their values.

We support legislative and enforcement actions to protect individuals and society from pornography. There are two primary ways to attack the spread of pornography: reducing supply and reducing demand. Reducing supply is a law enforcement concern. Strong laws can successfully curb the spread of pornography and reduce the harm associated with it. But these laws need to be consistently enforced in order to be truly effective. Citizens play as much a part in this as the officers of the law. Without visible and vocal public support, many elected leaders will be tempted to deemphasize obscenity enforcement, leaving communities vulnerable.

We encourage Christians and churches to begin talking about the harms of pornography and sexualized media and to proclaim the beautiful message of God's design for sexuality. Perhaps the greatest hope for cleaning up the culture lies with the Church. Unless Christians actively engage the issue in the public square, it is unlikely those who don't profess faith in Christ will recognize this harm and change. Also needed is for churches to become true places of healing for the millions of men, women and children who have been harmed by pornography. This will require a change in the way some approach ministry. Foremost among the needed changes is a shift in the way Christians talk about sexual wholeness and God's design for sexuality. Christians have a compelling message on sexuality that upholds the value and dignity of every person – male and female – as beings made in the image of God. We understand sexuality to be a great gift from God that draws us closer in love to one another in marriage and that ultimately reveals God's love for us.

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