How You Can Get Involved in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

Does the idea of people being bought-and-sold through human trafficking make you want to step up and do something to fight this injustice? Here are some practical ways you can combat human trafficking:

  • Learn more about Stephanie, and other survivors of sex trafficking, featured in Shared Hope International's documentary, Chosen.
    • Take Action: Visit Shared Hope International's website and order a copy of Renting Lacy – an eye-opening book about sex trafficking.
  • Host an educational evening with your friends. If you need ideas for how to do this, go to Shared Hope International's page with event hosting suggestions.
    • Take Action: Consider watching Chosen, and then use its corresponding curriculum, which is used by schools and other organizations, to educate people on the dangers of this horrific crime, as well as to find ways you can help fight sex trafficking in your community.
  • Find out how your state measures up legislatively in the fight against human trafficking here.
    • Take Action: Partner with your local Family Policy Council and help your state raise its "grade" by asking your state legislators to support anti-trafficking legislation.
  • Dig deeper into this issue.
    • Take Action: Listen to this two-part Focus broadcast with former U.S. Representative Linda Smith and “Brianna,” an all-American girl who almost became a victim of trafficking. You can also order Smith's book, From Congress to the Brothel, where she gives a powerful glimpse into the lives of several trafficking victims, allowing you to hear their heartbreaking stories and to witness the healing power of God in their lives.
  • Most importantly, pray.
    • Take Action:  As a family, a small group or a church body, pray for the victims of sex trafficking, their families and all those individuals working to end this horrible abuse.