Teen Pregnancy

What do I do when teenage pregnancy comes close to home?

A close friend of your teenage daughter is pregnant and considering an abortion.  The friend’s home life is less than ideal and she spends a lot of time at your house.  In fact, she’s almost a part of the family!  How can you support her without overstepping your bounds?

What you need to know

Fear is likely the leading emotion she is experiencing as she contemplates how to respond to her pregnancy.  It’s likely that she also feels ashamed to tell anyone because – among other reasons – being pregnant proclaims to the world that she is having sex.  She’s uncertain of what lies ahead yet may be afraid to talk to trusted adults who can help her.

The fact that abortion is legal may have a strong influence on her perspective of the pregnancy and provide subtle pressure for her to abort.  The views of her peer group and parents in regard to abortion will likely affect her as well.