How to Email Your Legislator - Sample Email

When emailing your legislator, federal or state, you can use the following sample to construct a clear, concise message about the legislation you'd like your representative or senator to support (or oppose) on behalf of your family or your values.

We are residents of (your town's name) and are voters in your district. We are concerned with the implications of (bill number) if passed. While we understand that there is concern that our state's Constitution is crowded with things better dealt with through statutes, petitioning our government is a time-honored right that our Founding Fathers included in the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. And for over 100 years the people of (your state's name) have enjoyed this cherished right despite repeated efforts by the Legislature and the courts to limit those rights.

(Bill number) will significantly impact citizens' rights to petition our government via the citizen-initiative amendment process. Only one other state (Florida) has the proposed 60 percent threshold to pass a constitutional amendment. According to Ballotpedia, "As a practical matter, it is considered nearly impossible to meet the ballot qualification standards in Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi and Oklahoma. In recent years, additional hurdles of also been enacted in Florida, Montana and Nebraska ( If our state accepts these changes, we will join that list.

Because of this, we firmly believe that (bill number) will harm our state, and respectfully ask you to vote No on (bill number).


John and Jane Doe

1234 Main Street

Anytown, USA 12345