One Ballot, Many Votes

Are you committed to be among these voters? 

How about your family and friends? Are they ― and you ― registered to vote?

Here's one simple—and effortless—way to find out: Visit Focus on the Family's

In a matter of moments, you can confirm your voter registration status. And, if you're not yet registered, we can help you can get the registration process started!

While you’re on, we can also help you:

  • ANSWER the hard questions, such as “What if I don’t like either candidate?” and “Why should I even bother to vote?”;
  • FIND your Secretary of State’s office and polling location;
  • DOWNLOAD our new Family Election Activity Kit to help you prepare the entire family to be “the best of citizens”;
  • SHARE powerful resources and videos with your friends and family; and much, much more!

In elections past, the Christian community’s active engagement in voting God’s values has had the profound effect of helping to maintain a stable and just society. However, since 2008, a startling new trend has emerged: Professing Christians have chosen to “sit out” of critical presidential and mid-term elections. Their reasons were varied, but this trend of disengagement is detrimental to our role as citizens and the protection of our nation’s freedoms and future. Commit 2 Vote Website Image

Please don't underestimate the power of your one vote. We often hear the old adage: "This is the most important election!" Well, it's true― now more than ever.

Our daily lives are impacted by the choices made by our elected leaders—whether on the national, state or local level.

One Ballot, Many Votes

November’s General Election will decide key positions of power in our nation ― from the White House and the U.S. Congress to state leaders and lawmakers. Voters will also decide important state ballot measures and local policies. Those who are elected to office will then decide the composition of state and federal courts for years ― even decades ― to come.

Consider what’s at stake, and why your vote matters:

  • 435: All Members Of The U.S. House Of Representatives Are Up For Election/Re-Election;
  • 34: One-Third Of The U.S. Senate Is Up For Election; Many In Key Competitive States;
  • 12: State Gubernatorial Races Will Be Decided;
  • 87%: A Majority Of State Legislative Chambers (42/50 Senates; 44/49 Houses)
  • 100+: Certified Statewide Ballot Measures In 35 States (So Far!)
  • 100s: Many State And Local Races, Including Municipal, Court And School Board Positions

Please join us this November and Commit to Vote God’s values— in every election, for every office, and on every issue! If you have questions or feedback about our website, please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you!



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