The High Cost of Fatherlessness: Resources

Father of the fatherless and protector of widows
is God in his holy habitation. Psalm 68:4-5

From a human perspective, the problem of father absence is overwhelming. While Christians grieve over the brokenness of our world, we also have hope: We know that God is good, just, powerful and has a heart for the fatherless. Scripture names Him “Father of the fatherless,” and the Bible is filled with injunctions for believers to care for widows and the fatherless.

For those wanting more education and equipping on this difficult issue – and for those who want to engage in action on behalf of fatherless children – here are some helpful resources.


Healthy Families: A Community's Most Effective Social Justice Agent
Concerned about poverty, violence, educational failure and crime? This article describes how healthy families promote well-being for men, women and children.

The Involved Father
This series of articles explains that dads are necessary in their child’s development, encourages them to connect with their children and gives many practical ideas for staying involved with their sons and daughters.

What Sons Need
This series helps parents understand the nature and needs of boys and how to help them grow into healthy manhood.


The Good Dad: Becoming the Father You Were Meant to Be
From his own experiences with broken fathers and father absence, Focus on the Family President Jim Daly offers hope and wisdom to other dads: God can help you become a better father.

The Father You've Always Wanted: How God Heals Your Father Wounds
Pastor and former NFL player Ed Tandy McGlasson shares his own story of losing his father before he was born and invites hurting people to find healing with our heavenly Father.

Raising a Modern Day Knight: A Father’s Role in Guiding His Son to Authentic Manhood
Focus on the Family’s number one best seller, by Robert Lewis, helps fathers understand biblical manhood and gives practical wisdom for raising sons.

She Calls Me Daddy: 7 Things You Need to Know about Building a Complete Daughter
With over 300,000 copies in print, this book by Robert Wolgemuth offers fathers encouragement and advice as they connect with their daughters.


Being a Champion to Your Wife and Kids
As CEO of the National Center for Fathering, Carey Casey understands the high cost of fatherlessness. In this broadcast, he offers men encouragement and affirmation in their role as husbands and fathers.

Building a Foundation of Faith for Your Family (Part 1) and (Part 2)
Dr. Kara Powell offers help to parents as they endeavor to pass on their Christian faith to their children.

The Value of Mentoring Fatherless Boys –
Do you have a heart for mentoring the fatherless? Co-founders of “Fathers in the Field,” John Smithbaker and Scott MacNaughton discuss the effects of father absence and their ministry to fatherless boys.

Curriculum and Video

The Family Project
This 12-session study explores God’s design for the family and explores the theological, philosophical and cultural underpinnings of the traditional family.

With commentary from experts and authors such as Gabe Lyons, John Stonestreet and Eric Metaxas, this documentary explores questions such as “What is family?”, “What is marriage?” and “What is the significance of fatherhood and motherhood?” Interested in an aspect of fathering and fatherlessness not covered here? Focus on the Family has lists of recommended resources relating to marriage, family and parenting. From Single Parenting to Materials for Dads, or from Remarriage & Blended Families to Parents of Troubled Teens, you’ll find all our topical lists of Resources and Referrals, here.

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