Teach Your Children About Marriage

In his book The Next Christians, Gabe Lyons writes, "It's our job to be faithful to respond to the brokenness of culture with an eye for the Creator's original intent." When we look around, it's very easy to see brokenness in the world, especially as it relates to marriage:

  • DivorceMany of us know the devastating effects when a marriage is broken — whether it's our own, our parents, other family members or our friends.
  • Fatherless HomesAs President Obama reflected on Father's Day in 2009, "In many ways, I came to understand the importance of fatherhood through its absence — both in my life and in the lives of others."
  • Marriage RedefinitionThe Supreme Court redefined marriage for all Americans in its Obergefell v. Hodges decision in June, 2016. Throughout history, marriage had been the union of a man and a woman, but the Court redefined marriage to include two people of the same-sex. 
  • Cohabitation: Many singles choose to move in together, instead of marrying. But research shows living together before marriage actually threatens marital success, and women and children are at greater risk in these situations.

In Scripture, God gives us His clear intentions for marriage: Marriage is a lifelong, exclusive union that joins together a husband and wife to be mother and father to any children they may have. Given how our culture has deviated from God’s design, it’s more important than ever for Christian parents to give their children a solid foundation about marriage.

So, how can Christians respond faithfully and demonstrate God's design for marriage? We start first by understanding God's original intent. We work to strengthen our own marriages. We pass on God’s plan for marriage to the next generation, teaching our children and grandchildren what marriage is and why it matters.

We all want to impart biblical values to our children; values that will help them thrive and flourish in the world. That’s why we recommend you download both of these helpful —and timely— marriage resources today:

“Raising Children Who Honor Marriage: What You Need To Know” will help you give your children a solid foundation about the importance and value of marriage. We begin by explaining the biblical foundation for marriage, seeing God’s intent for marriage and the deeper reality it reflects. Then, we explain why marriage is so important for adults, children and all society. Next, we offer some practical suggestions for modeling married love and commitment to your kids. Finally, we discuss the need for courage for you and your children as you uphold God’s design for marriage.

Our companion resource is: "How to Teach Your Children about Marriage: Creative and Practical Ideas." We offer guidance and suggestions for talking about marriage to children at different ages and stages of their development. Even toddlers can begin to understand how God planned marriage for our good. Older children and teens also need ongoing development to help their understanding of what marriage is and why it’s so important.

Marriage is a good gift from God to humanity; but, it has been undermined and damaged in our world. Now, more than ever, Christians must be committed to the health of our own marriages and intentional about raising our children to understand and honor God’s design for marriage. It's our hope that these free resources will help you promote the value of marriage in your own family — and beyond.