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Focus on the Family’s Citizen® magazine is an award-winning magazine and a must-have resource to help you navigate today’s culture.

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It's more than a magazine to beautifully display on a tabletop or to casually flip through between appointments.

Rather, Focus on the Family's award-winning Citizen® magazine is a resource to help you navigate today's culture.

The mainstream media tends to report on cultural issues ― such as marriage, life, sexuality and religious freedom ― from a perspective that's contrary to the biblical worldview most Christians hold.  So where can you find out what's really happening on the issues you care about?

Why You Need CITIZEN

"I love this magazine! It covers important political issues in a thorough fashion from a Christian perspective, but it's still a quick read. After filling you in on what's going on, it tells you what you can do and exactly how to do it. I've got my in-laws & husband hooked on it! A must-have for any follower of Christ looking to make informed and righteous political decisions."

—Rebecca B.

From cover to cover, Citizen sets the record straight. For more than 25 years, Citizen has served as a trusted resource that's now being read by a new generation!

Balancing truth and grace, each article is carefully researched and reported on from a biblical worldview. Citizen's ultimate goal is to:

  • Equip today's Christian with often-unreported facts and the resources to dig deeper;
  • Inspire subscribers "to love and good works" with stories of courageous Christians making a difference in the public square; and
  • Provide ways to engage with friends, colleagues and neighbors who may have an opposing worldview.

"Citizen magazine is the most informative reading for people who desire to hear the truth wrapped up in love from a Biblical perspective. I have to fight my 17-year old daughter for this and we have great conversations that lead us directly to the Bible on a variety of topics. It even gives us a chuckle or two on Whee the People!"

Robert Z.

About Us

Citizen was founded in 1987 as a monthly print magazine published by Focus on the Family, a pro-family Christian ministry currently headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo. Its emphasis in the early days was to galvanize grassroots activists to make a difference in the realm of federal, state and local public policy on issues that immediately concern the family in the culture—such as marriage, education, religious liberty and the sanctity of human life.

Those are still the core issues we cover; however, in recent years, we have expanded our view of what shapes our society with the understanding that popular culture tends to shape people's views, while people's views tend to shape public policy. If Christians want to make a difference in the culture, they must take both into account—and that's what we strive to help our readers do.

For the last decade, our working agenda has been "hope, how-to and hot national topics." We aim to provide hope by telling the stories of people and organizations that have successfully made a difference in their sphere of influence — and how they did it — so others can follow their example. When it comes to hot national topics, we provide an in-depth perspective from a Christian point of view that readers can't get from the mainstream media.

Other Important Facts

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Don't wait. Stay informed. Stay engaged. And defend what you believe, with reason, gentleness, respect and hope (see I Peter 3:15 ESV).