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Thriving Values Resources: Helping You Understand the Times and Know How to Respond

There’s a fascinating sentence in the Old Testament book of Chronicles, describing a group of “men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel ought to do” (I Chron. 12:32, NASB).

If ever we needed that kind of understanding and wisdom, it’s today. Just think about some of what’s happening in our schools, courts, media and families:

  • A third grade teacher reads a book to his classroom about two princes who fall in love.
  • Two military chaplains are told not to quote from the Bible or pray in Jesus’ name in a training class they are attending.
  • News and entertainment outlets celebrate gender-confused individuals who believe they are the opposite sex.

What do you do when these issues come up? And how do you respond when your children encounter situations like these? Do you understand the times and know what to do?

With the demands and fast pace of life, few people have time to research current social issues ― much less to know how to respond.

That's where Focus on the Family's Thriving Values™ team comes in.

Our staff of issue experts have dedicated decades to researching the “hot-button” social topics of the day. Here is a list of free, helpful downloadable resources they’ve prepared ― to help you understand and know what to do.

Is there really such a thing as a “gay gene?” Can a man or woman be born with a “gay brain”? What do twin studies show? Today’s cultural elite, the media and homosexual activists would have you believe the issue is “settled science” and that people are, indeed, just “born that way.” Our Thriving Values resource helps you understand the research, equipping you to speak truth — with grace — to family members, friends and colleagues.

Everywhere we turn, we are digitally connected: From smartphones to iPads and from laptops to Xboxes and PlayStations. And, in just one, short decade, we’re now facing an internet pornography addiction epidemic of truly global proportions. Its newest victims? Teens and children. Parents, receiving little notice from media or the medical community, are left unaware that their children may be struggling with this dangerous and damaging mind-altering addiction. This helpful guide will outline what’s at stake and where parents can find help. 

This how-to guide helps you protect your children and your family’s values. The resource equips parents to talk to their children about confusing messages they're encountering at school and in the culture about sexuality, gender and transgenderism. It not only helps parents to talk to their children about God’s design for sexuality and gender, but it also equips them to approach school officials with concerns about how these topics are presented. For more information and articles, go to True Tolerance.

[UPDATED!] If Christians are to respond to homosexuality with real moral authority, we must first repent of our own sins and then recommit ourselves to obedience, honesty, vulnerability and accountability. As you read this resource, you’ll be challenged and gain more insight about reaching out to gay-identified men and women with courage, truth and love!

With the increasing visibility of homosexuality in our culture, your children are likely to encounter this difficult issue. This resource and accompanying articles answer frequently asked questions and give guidance to parents from a biblical, compassionate perspective. To dig deeper, check out Understanding Same-Sex Attractions.

It’s important for Christians to understand religious freedoms — and how we can protect them. This complimentary resource will educate you in the basics of religious freedom in five major areas of society: churches and religious organizations; the military; public schools; the workplace; and the public square. For even more information, read Houston’s Religious Freedom Problem and Religious Freedom in Danger?

Transgenderism is tough enough for adults to understand. So when our children encounter these gender-confusing messages, what do we say? This article gives parents guidelines and suggestions for dealing with this difficult topic. For parents and teens who want to read more about gender confusion, we’ve also prepared a series of helpful articles, listed here: Transgenderism.

Many in the church are changing their beliefs about marriage, sexuality and homosexuality. Is our church — or home group or Sunday school class — equipped to think biblically about this topic? This resource gives practical guidance about content and tone, as well as information about various groups you are likely to find in your congregation. To understand why pastors should address this issue, look at Three Reasons Why Pastors—and Other Church Leaders—Should Talk about Homosexuality in the Church.

This free, downloadable resource, created by Focus on the Family’s counseling staff, helps parents educate their children about sexuality. It gives practical objectives and methods for talking with children of all ages. In addition, this guide explains the biblical and spiritual significance of marriage and sexuality.

We help you understand: God’s design for marriage and sexuality; the need for boys to develop healthy masculinity; sin’s effect on sexuality; and the distinctions we make about homosexuality as attractions, behavior or identity. To learn more about homosexuality and for links to many stories of people finding freedom from homosexuality, check out these series: Understanding Same-Sex AttractionsLeaving Homosexuality, and Freedom from Homosexuality.

This useful, downloadable resource begins by describing Christian sexual ethics. It moves from there to examining some possible reasons people may struggle with homosexuality and goes on to look at specific Bible passages and responses to “revisionist gay theology.” More discussion is available at Focus’ online series: Homosexuality, Theology and the Church.

Having a gay-identified son or daughter is one of the most difficult issues for parents to face. Our downloadable resource helps you clarify your goals for dealing with your child; offers guidance for maintaining your relationship; and gives information on grief, recovery and building a support network. Other helpful online articles explain the stages of grief, give advice for reaching out to a gay-identified friend, and list numerous resources for parents, family members and friends.

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