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Vote “Yes” on Proposition 115

By: Focus on the Family 

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Have you voted for life yet? A powerful pro-life issue is on your November ballot this year!

Time is running short. Colorado voters like you helped get the issue of a 22-week abortion ban in Colorado on the ballot. Now it’s time to see it across the finish line by voting “YES” on Proposition 115 on your November ballot.

A recent poll shows the initiative is in a dead heat! We need your vote to save pre-born lives!

What is Proposition 115?

It’s a proposed addition to the laws of Colorado that prohibits abortions performed after 22 weeks gestational age of the baby. The only exception would be if, in the reasonable medical judgment of the physician, an abortion is immediately required to save the life of a pregnant woman, rather than an expedited delivery of the living baby. This exception only applies when the life of the mother is threatened by a physical disorder, physical illness or physical injury – but does not include psychological or emotional conditions.

What are the penalties?

Anyone performing an abortion after 22 weeks gestation would be guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $500 to $5000, and a three-year suspension of the medical license of the physician performing the procedure. Only those performing the abortions are subject to these penalties, not the women involved.

Why 22 weeks?

At 22 weeks gestation, many babies can survive outside the mother’s womb when they are born prematurely. At some hospitals, 70% of babies born at 22 weeks will survive. Even babies born at 21 weeks can survive with good developmental outcomes.

Is this constitutional? What about Roe v. Wade?

Yes, Proposition 115 is perfectly constitutional. Even with the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, states are permitted to legislate to protect the lives of preborn babies that have reached the point of viability. In fact, 43 states – but not Colorado – limit abortions beginning at some point during pregnancy.

Where can I get more Information?

Two places: 1) the 2020 State Ballot Information Booklet (the “Blue Book”) mailed to voters contains a section on Prop 115; and 2) go to to find FAQs and other important information on this pro-life ballot issue.

Make a difference for life! Vote “Yes” on Proposition 115!

Focus on the Family supports this important effort! Will you join us in voting for life this November?