Yes, DOUBLE MY GIFT to help families!

Yes, DOUBLE MY GIFT to help families!

Yes, Double my gift to help families!

Global Outreach

Global Outreach

Focus on the Family’s Global Partnership serves families in Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  

Associate Offices in 12 countries deliver trusted Focus on the Family resources, such as Adventures in Odyssey, daily radio broadcasts, and The Truth Project to carry a relevant and effective message in different languages to different cultural contexts.  

The international offices also create their own programs, events, and resources to answer the specific needs of their audience.  This makes each office look slightly different, but all of them are committed to the vision of Helping Families Thrive.  Collectively, Focus on the Family’s Global Partnership is creating an environment where husbands and wives are faithful to each other and committed to their children, where young people understand the value of marriage, where children are safe and have the tools to succeed, and where the love of Jesus Christ brings hope to hurting communities.

Humiliation was part of our lives.

Focus on the Family Middle East Water Project

Deir Gabal El-Teir is a very poor village in the rocky hills of Upper Egypt. Almost all of its residents are Coptic Christians, and in recent years it has become something of a refuge for Christian families fleeing from persecution in other parts of the country. They arrive at Gabal El-Teir with very little money and no source of income and have to carve out a living in an unforgiving terrain.

Running water is available in the village, but most families are too poor to afford it. They have barely enough money to build the walls of their small homes, most of which have no roof. The Focus Middle East team noticed that in place of running water, families kept large motor oil containers in the homes, and later found out that the families use them to store water for drinking and cooking! With no sewage treatment system, there is raw sewage everywhere. The filth attracts flies and other insects, which are everywhere in the village, and diseases are rampant. Living conditions are inhumane.

In addition to the lack of sanitation and hygiene, the crowded conditions leave no space for privacy. With no privacy, the women in the village have become targets of sexual harassment and assault. The lack of running water is not an issue of convenience, nor even basic hygiene, it is a matter of safety, security and dignity.

Focus on the Family Middle East writes,

“How could we continue helping families thrive and preaching to youth about sexual abstinence, while turning a deaf ear to the plight of our own people? At Focus on the Family ME, we believe that human life is of inestimable worth and significance. That is why we could not remain silent to the wretched conditions that our fellow Egyptians are living in.”

Focus on the Family has worked with Focus Middle East to outfit 50 families with running water, with the goal of serving a total of 300 families in Dier Gabal El-Teir. Focus on the Family Middle East is the only evangelical ministry trusted to work among the Coptic Christians without any hidden agenda. If you would like get involved in impacting these families, please contact Focus on the Family’s Global Ministry Development team at [email protected]

Focus on the Family Associate Offices

New Focus on the Family Office in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

Focus on the Family Mongolia, located in the capital city of Ulaanbataar, is the newest member of Focus on the Family’s global outreach.  The Mongolia office is the thirteenth member of the Global Partnership, and the first new office since the establishment of the China office in 2013.  Khongorzul Tuya, the founder and Executive Director, has experience in both ministry and social work, will call upon both backgrounds as the leader of the new office.

Khongorzul has a passion to impact her community by helping children and families, and her entire adult life has reflected that passion.  She has been working with orphanages and street children since high school.  Khongorzul earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from the Mongolian State University of Education.  She also has a Masters of Art degree in Counseling from Singapore Bible College.  She has volunteered with different non-profit organizations.  She has been married to her husband Gansukh, a pastor in Ulaanbataar, for 10 years and they have one daughter.

“We are experiencing an increase in domestic violence, violent crime, and multiple addictions. I grew up in a dysfunctional family and that still impacts my marriage and the way I parent. Knowing God has given my life meaning, and a passion to equip and educate others with stronger marriage and parenting skills earlier in life,” said Mrs. Tuya.  “Focus on the Family offers life-changing resources for our families, and the time is right for Focus to come in and serve families and communities throughout Mongolia.”

Focus on the Family Mongolia is ready to engage their culture with trusted, biblical  resources and programs.  They will have support from Wee Min Lee, Focus on the Family’s Regional Director for Asia, and other associate offices in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.  The team in Mongolia has already completed translation of Parenting:  A Roller Coaster Experience, written by Mr. Lee.  

One of the most meaningful aspects of this new office is that Khongorzul was inspired to pursue the venture after witnessing firsthand the impact of Focus on the Family Singapore.  It is encouraging to see how effective ministry is opening the door for new, larger ministry opportunities reaching more people and more families.  Focus on the Family is committed to helping the team in Mongolia help families in their country thrive.

Hear More About the Persecuted Church

Listen to Jim Daly talk with Tom Doyle about the persecuted church, and hear more about how Focus on the Family is involved in helping these families.

Impacting the Culture

Focus on the Family’s No Apologies curriculum is at the forefront in changing mindsets and behaviors of teenagers all over the world.  No Apologies is a character-based abstinence education program designed to teach young people between age 12 and 22 the “truth about life, love, and sex.”

No Apologies includes a purity pledge, and in a 2011 survey of more than 1,500 No Apologies students in Malaysia, 92% of students who had committed to sexual purity had kept the pledge.  The study demonstrates how effective No Apologies is when it comes to changing the way young people think about self worth, abstinence, and decision making.  In South Africa, for instance, 62% of children are born out of wedlock, and there are an estimated 2.1 million children who are orphans because of the AIDS virus.  Focus on the Family Africa has used the No Apologies program to take the lead in promoting abstinence, not safe sex, as the route to curbing the spread of AIDS, and creating more stable family situations. 

More than 2 million young people have taken the No Apologies purity pledge since Focus on the Family started using the program.  Students everywhere are responding to the lessons on healthy relationships, understanding the media and advertising’s affect on the culture, and avoiding the risks of HIV/AIDS.  This is a powerful program centered around the value of each young person, character, and making a commitment to their future.

“Thank you for everything you have done to each and every life of teenagers in this world.  You turned light to my darkness.  After 16 years of misery, you have broke all that and gave me true Love.  Thank you a thousand times.”
-from a No Apologies student in South Africa

Another way Focus on the Family is reaching the culture is through radio.  The advice and insights from Focus on the Family’s daily radio broadcast have served as a starting point for much of the global ministry.  Our radio programs are heard in around 120 countries, with an estimated reach of 38 million people.  Some countries air the same broadcast that is heard in the United States, but several of the Associate Offices, such as Ireland, Australia, and South Africa create their own broadcasts with their own staff and guests.  The radio offers an avenue to encourage hurting families by delivering Christian values and acclaimed family ministry to a worldwide audience.

Caring for Vulnerable Children

The AIDS epidemic in South Africa has stretched into every fabric of the culture.  Economics, education, family culture, government, are all impacted by a staggering infection rate among adults, a disproportionate impact on lower-income population, and one death every 3 minutes due to the virus. 

Focus on the Family’s Associate Office in Durban, South Africa faces this reality every day.  What does a thriving family look like in this culture?  Or, perhaps more pointedly, what should matter to Focus on the Family Africa?  One way for them to make a tangible difference in the culture centers around the AIDS virus.  And they are doing just that by providing a home for 870 orphans each month.

The orphan care homes are spread out around the country, with each home serving 60-80 children.  These children rely on Focus on the Family Africa for food, for shelter, for health care, and for school uniforms.  And they are introduced to Focus on the Family values.  It is an opportunity for Focus on the Family to break the cycle of disease and abandonment for AIDS orphans in South Africa.