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Going global wasn’t originally in the plan – but the Lord had other ideas!

As more and more Canadians along the US border began hearing the Focus on the Family broadcast, the calls began flooding in, “We Canadians have unique issues too. Can you help us with those?”

Now, over 40 years later, Focus on the Family Canada is one of 14 self-sustaining offices worldwide, an influence touching every single hemisphere. By God’s miraculous design, we are proud to celebrate that each Associate Office is completely localized and self-sustaining, and we have ministry partners in 80+ countries. Based on the premise of, “We only go where we’re invited”, we praise God that we’ve been invited lots of places!

Thank you for joining us in the mission to help families thrive in Christ, worldwide.

Focus on the Family's International Directors Conference 2023 drew Directors and leaders from all four hemispheres to worship, learn, and grow together in the name of helping families thrive in Christ worldwide.

Copyright © 2023 Focus on the Family

Copyright © 2023 Focus on the Family

Global Impact: South America

Costa Rica

The Solanos Family’s Story

Álvaro and Cynthia dated for over six years before starting their dream of being married. Then, just three short years later, Álvaro says that “the problems started.” Cynthia describes, “I remember I arrived at Enfoque a la Familia with a broken heart.” But through Christcentered counseling, prayer, and even newly discovered church attendance, the couple began the journey to healing.


Four decades of pastoring

Enfoque a la Familia [Focus on the Family] Ecuador emphasizes counseling and training professionals to help families thrive in Christ.  Hundreds of couples have gone through their family, personal, and professional development programs to receive training for their marriages and ministries. 
“We need to urgently understand every aspect of our life, to heal many wounds that without knowing, were open. During this course with Enfoque a la Familia, we were able to pause and confront that situation the best way possible, so we can be completely healed.” Pastores Cañas
“In the course that Focus on the Family Ecuador teaches to pastors and counselors we are seeing God heal hearts. We are equipping them to be better fathers and husbands, mothers, wives, parents… and at the same time, we are encouraging them to address these issues in their congregations.” Sixto Porras, Pastor and VP of Hispanic Ministry Development, Enfoque a la Familia.