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Focus on the Family Singapore  was founded in 2002 in response to the growing needs and new challenges facing the modern family. Since then, we’ve conducted numerous talks and workshops, organised nation-wide events and counselled parents and couples towards fostering strong and irreplaceable family bonds. From a small team that first operated out of our founding Director’s basement, we’ve grown to a staff strength of 40+ with our own office at Bishan Junction 8! Since 2010, Focus on the Family Singapore has received Work-Life Excellence Awards*, including the inaugural Sustained Work-Life Excellence Award in 2014, in recognition of the organisation’s success in promoting family-friendly flexible work arrangements and work-life harmony.

Meaningful Connections

  • Focus on the Family Singapore is uniquely positioned to encourage families using uplifting narratives, equip families with practical resources, and enable families to believe in, live out, and champion thriving families.

Engaging Creativity

  • There is a lot of noise directed at families in Singapore. The team is always innovating new ideas to cut through the noise and help families. New podcasts, social media campaigns, and other outlets give families fresh and relevant content.

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Copyright © 2023 Focus on the Family

Copyright © 2023 Focus on the Family