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In Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaan Bataar, a tiny team is making home life better for thousands of families. Focus on the Family Mongolia began as a counseling ministry, and has grown to serve schools and businesses. Even the government of Mongolia has recognized the enormous impact that Focus on the Family Mongolia has had on the country. During the height of the COVID pandemic, Focus Mongolia was asked to produce a booklet called “Emotional First Aid in Crisis” to support people during the isolation and anxiety of caused by the pandemic. The Focus Mongolia team is making a real difference in a culture that needs their steadying influence.

Focus Mongolia Counseling

Compassionate Counselors

  • Dr. Khongorzul Tuya founded Focus on the Family Mongolia to address the pain that she saw in families in her country. As the team has grown, providing meaningful help for families in crisis remains their primary objective.

A Daunting Challenge

  • Mongolia is only about 1% Christian, which works out to just 43,000 people. Their nation does not have the base audience, or the Christian foundation that some of the other offices have. Instead, they have a lot of room to grow!

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