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Focus has been serving families in Africa since 1992. For thirty years, the Africa team has  been providing care, advice, support and encouragement to families at every stage of life. Focus Africa brings the love of God and the vision for redeemed families to communities all around Africa.

South Africa Orphan Care program

Serving All of Africa

  • The South Africa office connects with constituents in Nigeria, in Kenya, in Uganda, in Malawi, and all over Africa. The radio broadcast reaches a little more than 3 million people each week.

New App Available

  • There are about 20 million smartphone users in South Africa, and the app gives Focus a voice into the digital space. It offers Focus podcasts in English as well as Zulu, the country’s most widely spoken and understood indigenous language. The app also includes contact channels for users to reach out to Focus if they need help.

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Copyright © 2023 Focus on the Family

Copyright © 2023 Focus on the Family