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Jim Daly explains Alive to Thrive teen suicide prevention training
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Why Suicide Prevention?

For several years, death by suicide among children and teens has been increasing in frequency.
The suicide rate among teen girls recently reached a forty-year high.1
On average, more than three thousand teens attempt suicide 
every day.
Nine out of ten deaths by suicide have an underlying diagnosable mental health issue.2

A Unique Prevention Resource

Alive to Thrive takes a truly preventative approach.

You’ll learn about issues that can lead to suicide, and we’ll teach you how to address them long before your child might ever entertain thoughts of ending his or her life.
Coach and student suicide prevention training

Who is it For?

Any interested person or group will benefit from Alive to Thrive. Those in a positions of influence—such as parents, pastors, teachers, coaches, and teen leaders will find the content especially helpful.

How it Works

Alive to Thrive is a flexible learning experience designed for individuals and groups.
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Learn How to Help Prevent Teen Suicide