Accommodating Conflict Style

Conflict Style: Accommodating (Yielding)

his style is about serving, giving, sacrificing, and looking for the best interest of others.

Your Conflict Style is Accommodating!

What you Should Know as an Accommodator...

This style is about serving, giving, sacrificing, and looking for the best interest of others. The difficulty is that sometimes the sacrificial style can turn into resentment, passive-aggressiveness, and insecurity. There may be a fear of rejection and a lack of assertiveness that builds over time. This style could be focused on maintaining the relationship rather than getting their way. These tend to be the Thinkers and Peacemakers of the world. 

Accommodators/Yielders need to be open, honest, and assertive. Focus on seeking health in the relationship rather than just trying to make others happy. Let emotions be up to each person and realize some people may be upset at you or disappointed in the resolution. You cannot control other people’s emotions, but you love them by being assertive, honest, respectful, and open with them. Yield when it makes sense, but be assertive when that would be the healthiest and best option for the relationship.

The Other Conflict Styles

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