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Live It

Live It

Next Step: Live It Challenges

Isn’t it awesome to know you weren’t alone in sharing and reading God’s Word on Bring Your Bible to School Day? You were joined by at least 670,000 other students—and their families—who celebrated freedom and faith.

Now that Bring Your Bible to School Day is over, how can you keep the conversation going and continue living out your faith on a day-to-day basis? We’ve got some great news that will help.

We are challenging students and families to put into practice the “Live It” portion of Bring Your Bible to School Day’s “Bring It. Share It. Live It.” motto. We’ll be providing monthly challenges — specific, tangible actions you can take to live out your faith at school and in the community — through email and social media. The October challenge is below, with discussion questions and videos to help you keep the movement going! So stay tuned! We’ll be providing more updates on this post, as well our social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

Why is it so important to Focus on the Family to provide youth and families with these equipping resources?

If you pay much attention to the news lately, it’s hard to miss the headlines featuring Christians being marginalized or ridiculed for their faith—whether it’s Second Lady Karen Pence attacked for teaching art at a Christian school, a Hollywood actor being criticized for attending a Bible-believing church, or public high school students in Pennsylvania battling a “Bible ban” on their campus. These stories remind us why it’s vital to empower the next generation of leaders—our youth—with the confidence to boldly articulate and live out their faith in a largely post-Christian society.

Plus, did you know the majority of U.S. students spend at least 6 hours per day in school? That leaves little time for building a spiritually sound, biblical mindset through consistent family and church interactions. How can Bible-believing, Christian families compensate for this discrepancy?

That’s where the Live It Challenge initiative will come alongside families and provide them with easy-to-use tools they can use to engage together and have proactive conversations on biblical, worldview issues that are having the most impact on students and the culture around them.


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