Avoiding Conflict Style

Conflict Style: Avoiding (Withdrawing)

This style is about not liking conflict at all and being unassertive and uncooperative.

Your Conflict Style is Avoiding!

What you Should Know as an Avoider...

This style is about not liking conflict at all and being unassertive and uncooperative. It can help with cooling down and processing emotions, but can also lead to emotional outbursts, disconnection, and avoidance of problems. This style can tend to lose respect over time and can build health issues in the person. The Avoider/Withdrawer will most likely find a way to avoid the conversation by shutting down or just leaving. They may talk about others behind their back or will pretend everything is fine when it is not. 

Avoiders/Withdrawers tend to be the Peacemakers and Thinkers. They need to work on being assertive, open and honest with others. View conflict as possibly strengthening your relationship and not a way to control or manipulate others. It is helpful to take some time to process and write down your thoughts in preparation to talk about the conflict.

The Other Conflict Styles

Check out the other four conflict styles to better understand how others handle conflict!

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