Bring Your Bible Checklist

Bring Your Bible Checklist

With Bring Your Bible to School Day, there can be a lot to keep straight. Here’s a quick overview of what to do and when. Print out this page, put it on your refrigerator, and check off each task you accomplish to prepare for October 1.

A Month Before...

Show & Tell

Share this guide with friends, family, and church youth leaders. Be sure to invite friends to join you on October 1 for the Bring Your Bible to School Day event. Talk to your church and youth leaders about announcing the event.

Tweet, Post, & Like

Keep posted on and get involved in the conversation via Instagram and Facebook.

Know Your Rights

Familiarize yourself with your legal rights to bring your Bible and share your faith at school.

Notify Your School

Be sure to tell the leaders at your school about your plan to promote the event. If you encounter opposition or trouble, check out this article on what to do.

Two Weeks Before...

Get the Word Out

Start promoting the event! You can distribute posters, stickers, verse cards, and more! Here are some ideas for how to spread the word at your school!

Build the Buzz Online

Share the news about the big day using our #BringYourBible hashtag on social media. Here are some ideas for how to spread the word online!

Don't Forget Your Church

Remind your youth pastor about Bring Your Bible to School Day. If you’re in a Christian club at school, you can ask a leader to announce the event to the other club members.

The Week Before...

Pray with Family and Friends

Take time each day to pray with your family and friends that God will use your Bring Your Bible to School Day experience to make an impact for Christ!

Keep Spreading the Word

Share the videos and/or verse cards we’ve provided, or create some of your own! Continue to tell others about the event and encourage them to join. 

Prepare to Share

Posters, conversation cards, t-shirts, bookmarks – whatever you want to share on Bring Your Bible to School Day, start getting them ready. Now is also a good time to print out the Bring Your Bible legal memo from the Alliance Defending Freedom and have it handy, just in case.

Bring Your Bible to School Day

Bring Your Bible!

You made it! Time to bring your Bible to school, or have it with you online, and share God’s hope with your friends.

Share with Others

Read and share your Bible and other resources during free time and over the lunch period. If you’re online, set up a video call with some friends to share God’s Word. Be sure to share them before or after class time – don’t interrupt instruction time!

Have Fun!

Hundreds of thousands of students across the country will be joining you on Bring Your Bible to School Day. Have fun sharing God’s Word with those at your school!