Collaborator Conflict Style

Conflict Style: Collaborating (Resolving)

This style is focused on trying to make things work and the emphasis is toward a win-win scenario.

Your Conflict Style is Collaborative!

What you Should Know as a Collaborator...

This style is focused on trying to make things work and the emphasis is toward a win-win scenario. People using this style as they enter into conflict believe there is an ideal solution to all conflicts. They can be persistent and are relationship focused. Collaborators/Resolvers can become frustrated, anxious, and disappointed when things are not resolved. The Collaborator/Resolver uses up a lot of mental and emotional energy trying to resolve conflict and can sometimes get stuck on the ideal rather than the healthy. 

When it comes to personality, this conflict style tends to be used by the assertive peacemakers, humble leaders, peaceful thinkers, and attentive talkers. Collaborators/Resolvers need to work on not pursuing the ideal solution, but looking for what is the healthiest option for the relationship. Make sure you take care of yourself emotionally as you try to resolve conflict with people that may have a very different conflict style.

The Other Conflict Styles

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