Competing Conflict Style

Conflict Style: Competing (Winning)

The Competitor’s/Winner’s focus is on a win-lose scenario.

Your Conflict Style is Competing!

What you Should Know as a Competitor...

The Competitor’s/Winner’s focus is on a win-lose scenario. This can involve a power play and usually involves powerful personalities that are logical and verbal. They are assertive and get things done, can provide clarity, and can bring energy and focus to the relationship. The Competitors/Winners focus on the outcome rather than the relationship, which can cause division and hurt. 

Competing style individuals tend to be leaders, thinkers, and talkers. They are not afraid of what people think and can accidentally “run over” people. This style can leave people feeling hurt and dismissed. Competing style people need to work on awareness, empathy, and compassion. Take time to genuinely observe and listen before using your power or position of authority to resolve conflict. Win-lose scenarios are sometimes necessary in a home when decisions or boundaries are needing to be made but look out for pride and selfishness that may be driving this style.

The Other Conflict Styles

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