Compromising Conflict Style

Conflict Style: Compromising

This style focuses on a win-win with both sacrificing something.

Your Conflict Style is Compromising!

What you Should Know as a Compromiser...

This style focuses on a win-win with both sacrificing something. This style is focused on the relationship, but not necessarily either one being fully happy. They listen, tend to have a respect for others, and have an ability to reconcile when needed. On the other hand, compromisers may take a long time to make decisions and may be seen as wishy-washy. They may compromise to get things over with and not be honest in the way they feel about the conflict. 

Compromisers tend to be the Talkers and Leaders. This can be a healthy conflict style, but only when it is done with genuineness and careful attention. Make sure you don’t compromise just to get the conflict over with. Conflict can be a great reset or energizer to a healthy relationship. Take your time working out a healthy compromise. Make sure you bring patience and assertiveness as you use this style.

The Other Conflict Styles

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