Easter 2022

Exploring Easter 2022

April is a special month where we remember the death and resurrection of Christ, a crucial moment in Christian history. For Easter 2022, explore the depth of the resurrection through Focus on the Family ‘s short lesson series, then try one of our fun activities with your friends and family!


What is Easter all About?

The Bible actually never mentions the word “Easter,” so why do Christians everywhere celebrate it? Well, the holiday represents the coming of spring, and with it, new life and rebirth. You might have been exposed to the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs. Both of these are symbols of new life and life bearing; however, the two themes of new life and new birth take on their greatest meaning within Christianity, namely Christ and his resurrection from death on the cross (Luke 24) , and the new life and rebirth He has brought to those who repent of their sin and believe in Him (Mark 1:15).

It is so important that we understand Easter from a Christian worldview and not become too distracted by the festivities of it all. To enjoy Easter purely for the candy and activities would be like going to a birthday party for the cake and neglecting who the cake is really for. Easter activities can bring about happiness, closeness with family, and love, but without an acknowledgement of Christ, His sacrifice on the cross, and His resurrection, we can miss the core of our celebration. 


Easter 2022: Five Short Lessons for Your Family

To understand the true meaning of Easter, we have created five lessons for you to go through with your family! This month’s challenge is to explore the true meaning of Easter with your family! 

Each of the lessons above will help you and your family understand the true meaning of Easter. 

Even if you know the Easter story, the good news of Jesus Christ cannot be spoken enough over our own lives and the lives of those around us.


Exploring Easter 2022 Activities

Just like how the Easter Bunny and the Easter Egg hunt are symbols that remind us of life, here are a few activities that you can do with your family to help you remember the new life we have in Christ! 

Tomb Run!

Easter 2022: Tomb Dash

Similar to the game, “Red Light, Green Light” this game is inspired by John and Peter running to the tomb (John 20:1-8) and finding it empty! The game consists of one announcer and multiple runners. The runners are placed a set distance away from the announcer who will yell out one of two commands at any time. Facing away from the runners, the announcer will yell “Empty!” When this happens, the runners will sprint to the announcer, but when they yell “Full!” the announcer will quickly turn around and the runners must freeze where they are. If the announcer catches one of the runners still moving when they turn around, the individual must restart from the beginning. This process repeats until one runner has reached the announcer and won!

Blessed Belief

Easter 2022: Blessed Belief


Thomas would not believe that Jesus had risen until he touched the holes in Jesus’ hands and sides. Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” John 20:24-28. Play this game at any table in your home. One member is blindfolded or closes their eyes, holds out their hands, and counts to 30. During that time, the other members must quickly find an item nearby. After they have finished counting, each person takes turns handing their item to the blindfolded counter who then has 10 seconds to try and figure out what it is! 

Easter 2022: 7-Day Devotional Series

Focus on the Family Canada has created a 7-Day devotional series for you and your family.

As part of your Easter celebration, why not have a special week of Bible readings focused on the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection?

Tell us How it Went!

The Bring Your Bible team wants to know what you and your family are doing for Easter! Maybe you have ideas for a challenge? Send us your thoughts and comments!

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