Examining Finances Through a Biblical Lens

a dad helps his daughter put money in her piggy bank while mom watches

Money matters consistently rank among the top sources for relational tension. If you've been married for a good amount of time, you'll understand that when two people who have varying views on finances share life together, things can become a bit heated at times.

As pastors and church leaders, you have additional responsibilities when it comes to being good stewards of the financial resources given to your church. Understanding how your money type—and perhaps that of your elders—will help you steward your finances both as a church leader and as an individual.

Tommy Brown, Associate Pastor for Spiritual Formation and Community Life at Generations United Church in Niceville, FL, has gleaned from the Bible seven money types which are modeled by seven biblical characters. These seven types are described briefly below:

The Abraham Type - Hospitality: This type uses money to make others feel special and noticed.

The Isaac Type - Discipline: This type believes money should be used to get the best deal on a purchase. 

 The Jacob Type - Beauty: This type thinks money is for making beautiful experiences or purchases. 

The Joseph Type - Connection: This type uses money to forge connections and network.

The Moses Type - Endurance: This type is highly structured and organized with money.

The Aaron Type - Humility: This type is sacrificial with money and uses it to meet needs.

The David Type - Leadership: This type is a financial leader and is all about the financial future.

To find out more about your money type and those on your leadership staff, Pastor Brown has put together a short quiz you can take. You can also get his book, The Seven Money Types, to get a more robust understanding of how you interact with money and why it matters.

Along with those great resources you can hear Pastor Brown work through these money types and how they have affected him both pastorally and individually, on a recent broadcast he did with Focus on the Family. You can listen on our mobile app or you can stream it from our daily broadcast page.

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