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…so yeah

it’s a


Because anything else doesn’t feel right.

Fetus—that’s such a scientific word. It’s distant. It feels a million feet away from us, and that is the point. There are people trying to diminish the value of life by changing how we talk about it.

At Focus on the Family, we love the word baby—because baby, it’s personal. It points to the joy of life ahead and all the things that make babies human. And it happens from conception.


When sperm meets egg, a literal flash of light happens, like a mini firework marking a celebratory moment.

5 Weeks

A poppy-seed-sized heart begins to beat for baby. The same heartbeat you have right now, only faster.

8 Weeks

Baby has 10 toes. Isn’t that wild? Just 8 weeks in, and you can already count toes!

11 Weeks

Now the baby is about the length of a pacifier, and all major organ systems are present.

18 Weeks

Baby and mom have their first felt contact. The life conceived in you is now touching you and you both feel it!


Is this the moment to start using the word baby? What about all the baby-ish things happening above?

No matter where

you land on the word


all of us can engage

in a respectful way.

Make time to dive in

Be quick to listen

Value another’s story

Be calm, don’t escalate

Apologize if you offend

Know when to walk away

Wanna see how it works?

Watch Short Vid Series



These 60 seconds could be huge for someone you know.






sees her baby as a baby,

her baby as a baby,

 she will do one of three things:

she will do one of

three things:

Start being mom.

This identity is always met with tears. For some, they’re happy tears, while others experience a very different response at first. The good news is moms are made—in part by God’s amazing design and in part by the years to come. If you need a support network, we would be happy to help. No pregnant woman is ready to carry the awesome weight of the name – alone.

Carry to adoption.

Any woman willing to carry her baby to term, even if she chooses adoption, is a courageous woman. Not foolish. Not immature. Courageous. She denies herself for the sake of her baby’s life and blesses countless people. It’s an amazing decision. If this is you, we want to say thank you. And we want to help you, as a part of the church.

Terminate the baby.

This is where the word fetus comes into play. The more a woman’s decision is desensitized, the more likely she will terminate an unexpected pregnancy. Yet the moment that test comes back positive, that life is in her life, forever, no matter how much you try to shut it out. If this is you, there’s another side to the story, and we would love to help you see it.

Hey, Mom. When you need someone to talk to about your baby, or whatever else you’re going through, we’re here. Please reach out. 1-800-A-FAMILY.

Join Us

Some moms think they don’t have a choice, but they do — we are making sure of it.

Focus on the Family took the Dobbs decision as not a finish line, but a starting point—and now we’re building something big for pregnant moms during and after pregnancy. It’s something you can be a part of.

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…so, how do I talk to my kids about this?

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