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Are You Looking to Make Sense of the Confusing, Confounding and Often Dangerous Messaging of the Culture?

Lighthouse Voices is a partnership between Focus on the Family and the Colson Center that addresses complex and critical issues about which Christians need to be informed and equipped. Our speakers have shared the latest faith-based insights with more than 60,000 attendees on such subjects as racial tensions, gender identity, the societal impact of abortion, the mental illness epidemic and how to address it, and how to help children build biblical character.

What's Next:

what's next

Laura Perry Smalts – March 19

Discover the incredible journey of Laura Perry Smalts, author of “Transgender to Transformed.” Join us as she shares her powerful testimony of breaking free from the transgender lifestyle and finding peace in her biological gender through the grace of Jesus Christ. Learn how to approach conversations about gender identity with empathy and understanding, and how to offer support to those navigating their own journey of self-discovery.

About The Colson Center

about the colson center


The Colson Center exists to equip Christians with the clarity, confidence, and courage they need to live like Christians in this cultural moment. Because following Christ is not really about inviting Him into our lives, but embracing His invitation into His life.

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Past Talks

past talks

Combatting Cultural Phrases

Alisa Childers will address how to navigate the popular slogans that have infiltrated our everyday lives. Phrases like “live your truth,” “follow your heart,” and “you only have one life to live” Alisa shows how these phrases draw Christians away from God with Biblical examples.

The Genesis of Gender

Gender is a subject that has become so confused in our country., but we can find truth through what the Bible says. Hear Dr. Abigail Favale as she explains how our culture has misunderstood what gender is and uses Scripture to share what God’s true design for gender is.

Hope Always: How the Church can Respond to the Suicide Epidemic

Dr. Matthew Sleeth  has witnessed suicide continually rise in our country, but he believes that through Christians this epidemic can be stopped. You can have a life-saving impact by helping those who are struggling, and we want to equip you to reach out to someone you know who is struggling with suicidal thoughts.

How the Collapse of Family Drives the Collapse in Faith

Is there anything we can do to address the declining Christian Faith in the U.S.? Check out this talk to hear how the Church and core family can work together to establish a lasting faith in future generations.

Play Video about Monique Duson Video Racial Identity

Christianity and Race: The Family of God in a Divided Age

Monique Duson spent 2 decades advocating for the idea of “racial reconciliation”. After the rise of Black Lives Matter, the divide between the races seemed worse than ever. Monique will share her journey away from the “racial
reconciliation” model and how the Gospel offers a better hope for racial unity that Jesus Christ secured on the cross.

The Beauty of Possibility

Based on Philippians 4:13 and Psalm 139, this powerful presentation shatters the myth of the “unwanted” child, exposes the evil of abortion, and celebrates the truth that we are all wanted by someone. 

Our Civilization Moment

This talk seeks to set America’s distress in the setting of the wider crisis of western civilization. For better or worse, the Christian faith has made the West, and the future of the West depends on the state of the Christian faith. 

Tearing Us Apart

Supporters of legal abortion argue that American women can only be equal if they are allowed to obtain abortions, but the reality is that it hurts women more than we know.

Mental Illness, Despair, and the Crisis of Meaning

Dr. Ryan Burkhart shares how you can be kind, be bold, and be light in your circle of influence by understanding the deep needs of others. This begins first with understanding a Christian Biblical Worldview regarding mental health. 

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Securing Children's Hearts

Dr. Kathy Koch explores ways parents, grandparents, and other adults can help children develop biblical character.

The Rights of Children

Katy Faust shares the ways we can stand up for children’s most basic right: to be known and loved by the two people responsible for their existence.

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Stop Failing Young Men

Dr. Anthony Bradley provides a sobering overview of the challenges facing young men and gives advice on how to confront the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequent questions

Here are answers to the questions we most commonly hear.

Lighthouse Voices is here to bring you talks that explore hot-button issues from a biblical perspective. Our guest speakers wrestle through the tough questions, so young adults can engage the culture with kindness and without compromising. Simply put, we equip believers to be the lighthouse in their circles.

Don’t worry! If you registered for an event and can’t make it, we will send you a link after the event to watch it whenever you want. It will also be available as a video series here on the homepage after a few weeks.

We began hosting our 2022 talks in Holland, Michigan. As we grew, we have continued to alternate between the Focus on the Family office in Colorado Springs and the Focus on the Family Bookstore in Holland, Michigan.

We have a livestream option available just for you! click on the event you wish to register for and at the bottom of the page there should be an option for livestream attendance! 

If there is an issue with registration or the event itself, please contact [email protected] for further assistance.

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