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Connect with a pregnancy center in your area! Our path forward means action in tangible ways right where the most critical conversations about life are happening. Focus on the Family is committed to strengthening pregnancy centers across the country. Find your place in serving a center in your area.  

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Embrace Grace

Through our message of love, we are helping women see that they can have their baby and their dreams too! Being pro-life is a stance, a belief system, a vote. And it’s important. But being pro-love is an action, the boots on the ground, the hands and feet of Jesus, the church. Together, we can make abortion unthinkable.


Care Portal has done for child welfare what other tech platforms have successfully done to disrupt entire industries. Just as ride-sharing and home-sharing services have unlocked value and connection in places where it didn’t exist before, CarePortal enables care-sharing: a method of collaboration that empowers people to share the responsibility of caring for people in need. Right now, in real-time.

Love Life

Love Life ‘s House of Refuge Initiative is helping churches position themselves as safe places for moms and dads who are in a pregnancy crisis to run to instead of run from. Love Life works with pastors to help prevent abortions from happening in the congregation, provide healing to those have abortion in their past and help Protect the reborn children outside of the church throughout their community.

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When we see life the way God sees it, we take action. Everyone can do something, whether you are:

  • Providing care as a medical professional
  • Activating your local church
  • Making life a part of your business

Explore how your unique talents, skillsets and resources can equip pregnancy centers to offer a holistic suite of resources for women in unexpected pregnancies.

SeeLife 24 Partners

Save a Life Right Now!

You can save a baby from abortion right now as part of our SeeLife 2024 campaign with your immediate gift of support. It takes just $60 to rescue a mother and child from the pain of abortion. When you give, you’ll help provide the training and technology to help local pregnancy medical centers offer free ultrasounds. This moving experience saves lives!”

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SeeLife 24 was an unforgettable night of activation to see life the way God sees it in our communities! To watch the livestream for free, click below!

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How Can We Help?

We realize that topics surrounding Life can be sensitive for many. If you or someone you know would like to connect with a family help specialist,

Please visit www.focusonthefamily.com/get-help/

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