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Your Marriage is an Adventure

The Marriage Assessment by Focus on the Family provides a helpful guide for the ups and downs you find along the way.



The new Marriage Assessment gives you a roadmap to navigating the path ahead. Our 2.0 version has updated content to unpack your individual strengths on a deeper level — because when you understand more, you love better.

10 Key Traits

The assessment covers 10 key traits that lead to a lifelong satisfying relationship with your spouse. The traits include positive communication, conflict resolution, spiritual intimacy, spending time together and cherishing your spouse.

A Personalized Guide

When you complete The Marriage Assessment by Focus on the Family, you’ll receive a personalized guide that shows your strengths and presents new opportunities to grow closer to your spouse.

Encourage Others on the Journey

You’ve got the map. You know the destination. Now, encourage another couple on their marriage journey. Become a Focus on the Family Marriage Champion and learn how the little things — praying for another couple, sharing your story and inviting them for coffee — can help them along the way … and bring you and your spouse even closer together.

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