Advent 2022 December Live It Challenge


Exploring Advent with Focus on the Family!

From fasting to family crafts, daily devotionals to delightful traditions, take a journey through the many ways we like to celebrate Advent!


Advent 2022 Adventure

Did you know that Advent is not only a time of preparation for Jesus’ birth, but also a celebration of his Spirit coming to be with us? The word advent literally means ‘coming!’ This coming of Christ can be celebrated in many ways. This month, go on our Advent 2022 adventure and walk through our list of readings and activities! 

Start your Advent adventure by getting a broad understanding of the holiday. 

Visit Focus on the Family’s “Welcome to Advent” page for a general overview of the meaning, importance, and themes of Advent!  


Explore the historical and biblical importance of Advent in greater depth. 

Visit our “Why is Advent Important?” page to greater understand the foundations of the holiday. 


3. Advent 2022 Devotional Series

Cultivate a heart of anticipation for Christ each week leading up to Christmas with our Advent 2022 Devotional Series!

Visit our “Advent Devotionals for Families” page and explore the themes of hope, faith, joy, and peace leading up to Christmas.

4. Make an Advent Wreath

Advent wreaths and candles have historically been tangible ways to celebrate the Christmas season and keep the focus on Jesus!

Read about the importance of the Advent wreath and candles, then visit our “Make Your Own Advent Wreath” page and make your own wreath with your family! 

5. Bible Readings and Fasting

The Word of God is powerful and active in lives of every true believer. Meditate on these passages of scripture as you eagerly await the coming of your king!

The Bring Your Bible team would also like to encourage you to utilize the practice of fasting to further enhance your focus on Christ for Advent 2022. 

Visit our “Celebrate the Advent Season” page for scripture to read each day, then visit our “Fasting as a Spiritual Discipline” page and exchange the focus of one item in your life for the joy of focusing on Jesus. 


6. Share Advent With Your Friends by Hosting a Christmas Party!

Our final challenge for you is to host a Christmas party at your school. Invite all your friends to hear about the true reason for the season while enjoying games and crafts of your own! 

Our friends over at 9 Month Mission Trip have put together a fantastic page with all the resources you could need to host a fantastic Christ-centered Christmas party at your school this year.

Tell us How it Went!

The Bring Your Bible team wants to know how it went! Send us a picture of yourself completing the December Live It Challenge and you may be featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages! 

Direct message us on social media or email us at [email protected].

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