Actions You Can Take

Actions You Can Take

During the Days Leading Up to the Event

 bubble_dot_shape-01Make sure you and your friends sign up to participate by downloading the free get-started guideIf you’ve already downloaded it, you can share it with others by giving them this link:

 bubble_dot_shape-01Join the Conversation! Share your thoughts, plans and updates on the Bring Your Bible FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages.

 bubble_dot_shape-01Post a Facebook status and/or Tweet about the event using  Bring Your Bible graphics  to tell your friends about the event and invite them to participate.

 bubble_dot_shape-01Plan ahead to distribute Conversation Cards and put up  posters. Notify your school officials several weeks in advance that you and your friends plan to pass out the cards and display posters.

bubble_dot_shape-01 You can also let friends know about it by handing out invitation fliers.

But remember, it’s important notify school officials about your plans to do so and to find out what the proper procedures are and make sure you follow them. Then make plans for downloading and printing enough invitation fliers, cards and posters for all of your friends to distribute!

You can also plan in advance to have special activities (see some ideas below in the On the day of the event section).

 bubble_dot_shape-01Share the religious freedom quiz to test how much you and your friends really know about what your free speech rights in public schools are!

bubble_dot_shape-01 Share the Bring Your Bible video online with friends!

On the Day of the Event

bubble_dot_shape-01 Bring your Bible! …and you can:

 bubble_dot_shape-01Wear stickers and T-shirts!

bubble_dot_shape-01 Distribute Conversation Cards before and after class (during noninstruction time) on the day of the event.

 bubble_dot_shape-01Don’t forget to use the Tell-a-Friend page to let your friends know you’re participating on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

 bubble_dot_shape-01Host a Bible read-aloud during  lunch or another free time.  For example, take turns reading from the Book of John. Pause the reading after each chapter to give time to ask discussion questions.  (It’s a good idea to write discussion questions on index cards and give them to different people to ask—just to help keep the conversation going!)

 bubble_dot_shape-01Participate in the Pass-the-Verse-Forward Challenge! You can organize a “pass it on” or “pay it forward” type of activity using the scripture verse cut-outs in the Bring Your Bible student guides.  You can challenge each other  to give at least one of these encouraging verses to a classmate—and then ask the classmate who receives it to then “pass the verse forward” to someone else, and so on– so that eventually the verses will be shared and discussed among lots of students at your school.

You can also share the verses on your Twitter and Facebook pages. Then arrange a time at the end of the day to meet together and discuss how the “Pass the Verse Forward” challenge went and the conversations that happened.

 bubble_dot_shape-01Share personal stories! Host a before or after-school event, or lunchtime event, (as long as it’s not during any instruction or teaching time) featuring students who want to share a personal story about how the Bible helped them or changed their life.  For this kind of activity, it is a good idea to obtain the help and sponsorship of a Christian student club at your school.

Keep the conversation going after the event …

 bubble_dot_shape-01You can also share the “Take Our Bible Challenge” quiz with friends to discuss how much you know about the Bible’s worldwide influence!

 bubble_dot_shape-01Send your favorite Scripture by sending a link via Facebook, Twitter or text to friends and classmates. Remind them that God cares about them and explain what the Bible verse means to you.

bubble_dot_shape-01 Each week, pick a new “Weekly Challenge” to do with your friends–and then post about what happened!