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Bible characters praising God

The Christians in Jerusalem

Loved to meet each day

To sing God’s praises and serve the Lord,

To hear His Word and pray.


So when Peter was put in jail

For teaching Christ was Lord,

They met and prayed that Peter would

Be safe from Herod’s sword.


They gathered ’round at Mary’s house

And prayed with all their might.

They did not stop to eat or drink.

They prayed all through the night.


God heard their earnest prayers and sent

An angel dressed in white

To rescue Peter from his chains

And set him free that night!


The Peter rushed to Mary’s house.

He knocked and said, “It’s me!”

The servant Rhoda heard his cry,

And said, “Praise God! He’s free!”


With joyful heart she ran upstairs,

“God heard our prayers,” she cried.

“He freed our Peter from the jail.

He’s standing right outside!”


But Peter’s friends just scolded her.

“That can’t be Peter there!

He’s stuck in jail with lots of guards.

That’s why he needs our prayer!”


Before they had another chance

To scold the girl again,

They heard a knock. Then Peter’s voice,

“Come down and let me in!


With faith reborn they let him in,

And they were so relieved.

“Wow! Rhoda’s right,” they said with joy.

“If we had just believed!

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