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Your child will love getting mail, and you’ll appreciate how the magazine reinforces Christian values & beliefs you hold dear. 

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What did the eye doctor ask the teacher?

"How are your pupils?"

Charissa G., 10 Columbia, South Carolina

What do you call an alligator with a light saber?

Darth gator.

Christian B., 13 Clinton, Iowa

What sound does a train make when it goes in reverse?

Ooch, ooch!

Addilyn B., 10 Topeka, Kansas

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Average Boy Podcast Art

Average Boy is a featured column in Clubhouse magazine, as well as a podcast and book series.  

Sleuth Family Robinson

Sleuth Family Robinson is a comic series about a family of super-spies that must stop a mysterious threat from taking over the world.  Developed by Odyssey’s Wooton Bassett and award-winning artist Dennis Edwards.

Adventures in Odyssey Jones and Parker

Jones & Parker Detective Agency asks you to solve short, surprising mysteries. Featuring Emily Jones, Matthew Parker and your favorite Adventures in Odyssey characters. Their case files appear in Clubhouse magazine, a book series and multiple radio episodes.

Truth Pursuer

Truth Pursuer is a devotion column in Clubhouse magazine that explore God’s world, the Bible and how to live.  “He loves the one who pursues righteousness”  (Proverbs 15:9).

Captain Absolutely

Captain Absolutely is a superhero who defends truth, justice and lots more truuuth! An award-winning comic by Odyssey’s Wooton Bassett, the story unfolds across a book and multiple Odyssey episodes.

Tell Your Story

By sharing your struggles and triumphs, God can transform your courage into hope and faith for others.

see life episode 1 coming soon version

Newest Release - Episode 1: The Truth About Life!

In this episode, we will tackle tough questions like, “When does life begin?” and “What does the Bible
say about Life?” You’ll discover and understand the stages of pre-born life and that babies are more than
just a clump of cells!

Yes, I Promise to Pray for the Pre-born and Their Moms!

Will you pray for the pre-born and moms that are facing unexpected pregnancies? We will send you a 7-day prayer guide that will help guide you along this journey with us!! You can even choose to receive this great resource by text!