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Your child will love getting mail, and you’ll appreciate how the magazine reinforces Christian values & beliefs you hold dear. 

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Hope of Easter

Make this cute Easter craft as a family. Then leave a chick on a neighbor’s doorstep to spread the hope that we have in Jesus Christ!

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Laughing Matters

What did the eye doctor ask the teacher?

"How are your pupils?"

Charissa G., 10 Columbia, South Carolina

What do you call an alligator with a light saber?

Darth gator.

Christian B., 13 Clinton, Iowa

What sound does a train make when it goes in reverse?

Ooch, ooch!

Addilyn B., 10 Topeka, Kansas

Recent Articles

Average Boy Podcast Art

Average Boy is a featured column in Clubhouse magazine, as well as a podcast and book series.  

Sleuth Family Robinson

Sleuth Family Robinson is a comic series about a family of super-spies that must stop a mysterious threat from taking over the world.  Developed by Odyssey’s Wooton Bassett and award-winning artist Dennis Edwards.

Adventures in Odyssey Jones and Parker

Jones & Parker Detective Agency asks you to solve short, surprising mysteries. Featuring Emily Jones, Matthew Parker and your favorite Adventures in Odyssey characters. Their case files appear in Clubhouse magazine, a book series and multiple radio episodes.

Truth Pursuer

Truth Pursuer is a devotion column in Clubhouse magazine that explore God’s world, the Bible and how to live.  “He loves the one who pursues righteousness”  (Proverbs 15:9).

Captain Absolutely

Captain Absolutely is a superhero who defends truth, justice and lots more truuuth! An award-winning comic by Odyssey’s Wooton Bassett, the story unfolds across a book and multiple Odyssey episodes.