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Prayer Board


wood picture board
acrylic paint
paintbrushes (large and small)
hot glue
mini clothespins
colorful paper squares


1. Paint surface of board with large brush. To allow wood grain to show through, mix one part paint with two parts water before painting.
2. Paint a line dividing the board into two sides.
3. Paint “Prayer Requests” on one side and “Answers to Prayer” on the other.

Tip: Make neat letters by designing words on a computer. Print, then cover back side of the print with pencil graphite. Place paper over wood board and trace around letters on front side to transfer graphite outlines to wood. Then paint inside pencil borders.

4. Add decorations with designs, animals, flowers or whatever else helps you remember God’s goodness.
5. With a parent’s help, carefully glue clothespins to board. Let cool.
6. Write prayer requests on paper and clip to left side of the board.
7. Think of things you’re thankful for and prayer requests God has answered. Write them on the paper and pin to the right side of the board.
8. Every time a prayer is answered, move it to the right side of the board. Write down new requests to add to the left side. Hang board in your room as a reminder to pray and to watch for evidence of God’s faithfulness.

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